Grant FAQ's

Yes, a Letter of Intent is required in order to check the eligibility of nonprofits intending to apply for a grant, prior to the grant application process. The Letter of Intent prevents Impact100 Louisville from having to disqualify a grant application.

  • More than one application submitted from an organization.
  • Organization is not a 501(c)(3) public charity or cannot prove their 501(c)(3) status.
  • Grant proposal does not benefit residents of Jefferson County, Kentucky.
  • Organization requested less than the full grant amount.
  • Financial information is missing.
  • Organization does not demonstrate sustainability or the project does not include a sustainability plan.
  • Grant is for an individual.
  • Grant is for endowment funding.
  • Grant is for partisan, legislative or political activity.
  • Grant project requires capital improvements or renovations to property that the organization does not own or have a lease of at least five years.
  • Grant project requires participation in activities of a particular faith, denomination or religion in order to benefit from the project or program.

The Focus Area Committees are composed of Impact100 Louisville members who volunteer and have no conflict of interest to serve (e.g. not a staff or board member of a nonprofit which has submitted a grant application in that focus area). All discussions during committee meetings are kept private (even from Impact100 Louisville members not on that committee). The committee reviews all grant applications and arranges for site visits for qualified applications. A Focus Area Committee member will call you to schedule an appointment. After site visits are completed, the entire committee evaluates each application for strength and feasibility of the non-profit and then votes on the finalists.