Who can become a member of Impact100 Louisville?

Membership is open to all women eighteen years or older.  Members need not live in Louisville, Kentucky, but their Membership Fee will go towards supporting the local Louisville community.  Please know that there are many Impact 100 chapters and we encourage you to look towards your local Impact 100 chapter first for membership.

What is the Membership Fee and when is it due?

The Membership Fee is $1,000.00 and is due on or before April 30.   The Membership Fee goes directly towards the grant(s) awarded.  Membership is renewed annually. Overhead is funded separately, but Members may consider a donation of any size to Impact 100 Louisville’s operating budget. 

Can a Membership be split among two or more people?

No, we do not offer split memberships.

Can I have more than one Membership?

No, any donation above $1,000.00 will go towards the operating budget.

What are the different ways I can pay my Membership Fee?

Membership Fees can be paid by credit card either on this website or on the Community Foundation of Louisville’s website (www.cflouisville.org).  Please make sure to pay the additional credit card transaction fees (approximately 4%) when prompted. 

Checks should be mailed to the Community Foundation of Louisville at 325 W Main St, Suite 1110, Louisville, KY. 40202. Please make checks payable to Community Foundation of Louisville with Impact 100, Louisville, Inc. in the memo line. 

We also accept stock transfer through the Community Foundation of Louisville. Please contact stewardship@cflouisville.org or 502.585.4649.  

Is my Membership Fee tax deductible?

Your contributions may be eligible as a tax deduction.  Please check your individual eligibility.

Do you offer employer matching for my Membership Fee?

We do not offer employer matching for the Membership Fee.  We do accept and appreciate employer matching funds for Impact 100 Louisville’s operating fund.

Can I sponsor another Member?

Yes!  We encourage and welcome anyone to sponsor a woman over eighteen to become a voting Member.

What is my commitment as a Member?

As a Member, your only commitment is to vote on the selection of our grant recipient(s) at our Annual Event.  You can vote either in person or by proxy.  We, however, welcome and encourage our Members to become actively involved.  Members are eligible to serve on our committees (Membership, Grants, Sponsorship, Communications and Events).  Members also are encouraged to volunteer as subcommittee chairs.  Impact 100 Louisville is run purely by volunteers so your active participation is much appreciated

Can I be a Member if I’m involved with a charity applying for a grant?

Yes, we love our Members to be active in the local nonprofit community.  We require all Members to comply with our Conflict of Interest Policy.  Impact 100 Louisville requires our members to disclose any potential conflicts of interest with our grant applicants and to recuse themselves from discussions where a conflict arises.